Enemies of Putin

The list of influential journalists murdered during Vladimir Putin's presidency in Russia keeps growing:

Natalya Skryl
Journalist with a specialization in economics, from the city of Rostov by the Don River; investigated allegations of corruption against major corporations

Murdered March 8, 2002. Crime remains unsolved.

Valery Ivanov
Editor-in-chief of the Togliatti Review and director of the independent television station Lada TV; reported on the mafia, corruption and white collar crime

Shot April 29, 2002. Crime remains unsolved.

Alexei Sidorov
Valery Ivanov's successor, who reported on organized crime, corruption and white collar crime

Stabbed Oct. 9, 2003. Crime officially solved.

Paul Khlebnikov
Editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of the business journal Forbes; reported critically on Russian oligarchs and their connections to the Kremlin

Shot July 9, 2004. Crime remains unsolved.

Yevgeny Gerasimenko
Correspondent for an independent weekly from Russia's Saratov region; investigated corruption in the business world

Murdered July 26, 2006. Crime remains unsolved.

Anna Politkovskaya
Editor of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta; reported on the war in Chechnya; considered one of President Putin's critics

Shot Oct. 7, 2006.

from:  Spiegel Online