Liquid Empire

“Azerbaijan is ruled by a ghost of Heydar-baba” – Rena Effendi

Azerbaijan: Petrol, Poverty, conflict and refugees - Baku, Azerbaijan is what is now known as the wildest frontier of capitalism. From any window you can see (and smell) the rusted Soviet - style oil rigs rise in the smoggy distance, now the lease property of western consortiums.

Smoke and pollution spew into the azerbaijan atmosphere, only to rain down on poverty-stricken people who live with-in a 500-mile radius of the Caspian oil reserves, making the region only second in strategic importance to the Persian Gulf.

While Azerbaijan has abundant oil wealth, it has done little for its masses, with some two -thirds of the population mired in poverty.

The Large majority Azeris are more pro-communist and anti-capitalist than in Soviet days . and this yearning for "nostralia for Communism" where at the very least, insanity, liquor abuse, drugs, sex crimes, petty crimes and violent crimes, was held in check before but with all the western oil consortiums monies awashed in the country everything has gone to hell, is countered by Azeri Foreign policy advisor, Vafa Gulizade, who said:
“Oil is our strategy, it is our defense, it is our independence.”

That "Defence" is not working out so well for over one million Azeri refugees , in spite of the fact they are sitting on the doorstep of baku and its deal -making gangsters. And the Ghost of "Heydar-baba".